"Ismail Industries Ltd has had a long and fruitful relationship with Sharp Image. Over the years, the team at Sharp Image has proven to be consistent and reliable in terms of both quality of work and speed of execution. Probably the biggest advantage of working with Sharp Image for us has been the level of detail to which Amyn, Tahir and their entire team delve into the concept. The value addition which results from this approach eventually leads to the conclusion that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. There are several such projects but one which stands out is the first episode of Cocomo, in which the team at sharpimage worked exceptionally well to flesh out a "bare-bones" script and concept to the complete satisfaction of all the stakeholders concerned."

Sumera Mansoori, Marketing Manager, Ismail Industries

amena-khanAristotle said "Quality is not an act, it's a habit".

After many years and many projects I've come to continually realize for this to be true with Sharp Image. Armed with state of the art technology, dedicated, committed and talented work force, I've always felt at ease when Sharp Image is taking care of my projects. Quality and time lines are two factors that worry everyone involved and why shouldn't they? With Sharp Image and its expertise, I can be at ease knowing that they are working hard around the clock, taking into consideration every little detail of my brief, making sure my project looks awesome and is ready in the allotted time. The end result of their hard work, well it has always been in front of you and I know you enjoy it.

PS: pepew! pepew! Lasers.

Amena Khan, Film Director, Dream Team Films (Pvt.) Ltd

"Working with Sharp Image has always been a pleasure. The way they give their projects their time and undivided attention makes all the difference. What I appreciate the most about Amyn and Tahir is that they always strive for perfection and never compromise"

Asim Raza, Ad Film Maker, The Vision Factory

ali'Sharp Images has again delivered beyond expectations in the fourth episode of the Milkateer. I believe kids will love this one more than any of the previous episodes at the same time the creative has been able to express our complex UHT process in a simplified way which I'm sure kids shall be able to understand easily. I look forward to achieve strong business results from the airing of this episode.'

Ali Siddiqui, Marketing Manager Dairy